Brad Pitt thinner on the red carpet with Marion Cotillard


The new face of Brad Pitt was at the heart of the discussions during the preview of the film “Allies” by Robert Zemeckis.

 On Wednesday, November 9th, the premiere of the film “Allies” was held at the Regency Village in Hollywood, in which Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard shared the poster. It was also an opportunity for the beautiful Hollywood kid to make his big comeback with the flashes of the photographers.

It was with a big smile that the American actor walked the red carpet but his very thin face did not deceive anyone. It must be said that the star of “Fight club” has remained very discreet since his divorce with Angelina Jolie. The difficulty of his divorce related to personal problems with his ex-wife, the investigation of social services where he was cleared and the settlement of custody of six children did not leave the actor marble.

Brad Pitt made his comeback in front of the flashes at Regency Village in Hollywood. Certainly, he was present alongside Julia Roberts on 8 November to present Moonlight, of which he is the executive producer (via his company Plan B), but it was an appearance in discretion. In LA the next day, the Fight Club star confronted the red carpet of the Allied feature film, filled with photographers and microphones, ready to collect the words of the actor, thinned but valiant, in full divorce with Angelina Jolie. Not far from him, his partner Marion Cotillard knew to impose itself all in glamor, displaying its curves of future maman in a night blue imperial dress.

Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt are the heroes of the film Allies, signed Robert Zemeckis, the director of Forrest Gump. This thriller mixing espionage and adventure takes us to Casablanca in 1942. In the service of the allied counterespionage, the agent Max Vatan meets the French resistant Marianne Beauséjour during a high risk mission. Reunited a few months later in London, their relationship is jeopardized by tensions related to the war.

Pregnant of his second child with his companion Guillaume Canet, the mother of Marcel (5 years) continues to spread the elegance to the French. Emerald Dior, she knows to be the best representative of her country in America, pinning all the spotlight on her since she won the Best Actress Oscar for La Môme in 2008. On a cloud, the actress recently seen sublime And passionate in Stone Mine had to overcome an ordeal: she was associated with the divorce of Brangelina, simply because she had played in the last film of the American. It did not take much to inflame some media, but in a few words, it restored the truth: “This sort of aberrant inventions does not affect me in any case. And finally, to the ‘press’, to all The haters, trolls and consorts who have such swift judgment, I sincerely wish you … a speedy recovery. “

Dignified and royal, Marion Cotillard made a sensation to present the film Allies, but it is known that his heart, like that of many other people in the world, was touched by the election of controversial Republican candidate Donald Trump , As President of the United States. On Instagram, she posted a photo of ladybugs, wishing that America would do her best, while her lover – whom she will find in the movie Rock’n’roll – published a widely Statue of Liberty in tears, after the official announcement of the result.

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