13 natural tips to avoid getting sick

Lemon: every morning
Antiseptic and rich in vitamins C, lemon stimulates natural defenses. To avoid getting sick: add half a lemon juice to your tea or a large glass of water in the morning. Attention: “The lemon deconges and drains the liver, it maintains the health of the mucous membranes, but when it is cold, if it feels cold, it is possible that the acidity of the lemon is no longer metabolized. “, Warns the naturopath.
Cures of propolis to pamper the sphere ENT
To avoid getting sick: we trust the bees! The board of the naturopath: “Propolis is a super product of the hive that works very well on the ENT sphere, in nasal spray or in syrup for example”, explains Emmanuelle Perrin. When one is very sensitive to the ills of winter: one can also bet on a pollen cure. “Rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals that balance the nervous system, pollen is ideal against anxiety, it energizes the body and balances the intestinal flora,” explains the naturopath. “Make cures of 21 days, then a break of 5 to 7 days. See how the body reacts, and take the cure if need,” advises Emmanuelle Perrin.
Let us not forget the royal jelly which constitutes an excellent natural antibiotic.
Grapefruit seed extract: a natural anti-infectious agent
Thanks to its richness in flavonoids, antioxidant plant pigments, grapefruit seed extract is an excellent antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. To avoid getting sick: “Use the extract of grapefruit seed as a preventive measure or to stop the infection as soon as the first symptoms appear,” recommends Emmanuelle Perrin. Caution: “Grapefruit seed extract is contraindicated with many medications, including certain treatments for heart, cholesterol or depression. Always ask your doctor for advice,” warns the naturopath.
Clean the nose with a spray of sea water
The obstruction of the nostrils favors the multiplication of germs. Washing the nasal cavities helps prevent their development. To avoid getting sick: “Clean your nose with a spray of sea water if you feel the need,” advises the naturopath. Attention: “Nasal secretions are something normal, it is a defense mechanism of the body, like fever! So do not try to eliminate them at all costs,” warns Emmanuelle Perrin .
Eating dry fruits against fatigue
Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants: health is first and foremost a balanced diet. To avoid getting sick: “Know that dry fruits (fig, apricot, grapes …) are always an asset,” reminds Emmanuelle Perrin. Think of oilseeds such as nuts, hazelnuts and almonds. In the fruit and vegetable department: “We favor local and seasonal fruits and vegetables. On the vegetables side, put on leek, carrots, black and pink radish, turnips or beetroot,” advises the naturopath.
Garlic and onion: natural anti-infectives
In order not to fall ill: we put on spices! “Garlic and onion are very good anti-infectives” explains Emmanuelle Perrin. And it is when consumed raw that their antiseptic properties are particularly effective. Good to know: “Spices like turmeric and ginger are also excellent natural antibiotics,” adds the naturopath.
Echinacea: the plant you need
Among the arsenal of natural products to strengthen your immune defenses, Echinacea is one of the flagship plants in disease prevention. To avoid getting sick: start an echinacea cure from September at 10 days a month for 3 to 6 months: – 3 cups of infusion per day, at a distance from meals, or – 30 Drops of mother tincture diluted in a glass of water twice a day – or 1 teaspoon of standardized fresh plant extract or diluted diluted in a glass of water twice a day. The board of the naturopath: “Very effective, the triplex, concentrate of plants without alcohol, which combines echinacea, shiitake and thyme, is also a very good choice.Dilute 5 milliliters of this mixture in a little water in the morning on an empty stomach “, Recommends Emmanuelle Perrin, naturopath.
A massage in the essential oil of ravintsara
Among the essential oils that act on health, that of ravintsara is an excellent antiviral. It is therefore particularly recommended to stimulate natural defenses. To avoid getting sick, in case of flu: “Mix one or two drops of essential oil of ravintsara in a spoon of vegetable oil. Apply on the neck and massage,” advises Emmanuelle Perrin. For internal use: “Place one to two drops of essential oil of ravintsara in a tablespoon of vegetable oil or in honey.” Attention: “Avoid to ingest on a solid support (piece of bread or neutral pellet) because the essential oil could then irritate the digestive mucous membranes”, details the naturopath.
Probiotics to Protect Immunity
The bacteria in our intestines participate in the digestion and protection of the organism against external aggressions. Indeed, the intestine has a role of barrier. It passes the nutrients, vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream. “But if the bowel is irritated by food or an imbalance of the intestinal flora, it becomes porous and lets bacteria or viruses through the blood,” the naturopath says. To avoid getting sick, if the intestinal flora is disturbed: a cure of probiotics can enhance immunity. “The cure must last at least three weeks, it is interrupted, we see how the body reacts and it is taken again if necessary” advises Emmanuelle Perrin. “There is sometimes a need for three months of cure to rebalance the flora”.
Drink acerola juice to get the shape
Acerola is one of the fruits richest in vitamin C. To avoid getting sick: consume acerola in the form of juice or powder to boost the shape and strengthen immunity. The trick of the naturopath: “Take the acerola at 11 am or 5 pm, because these are the times of the day when the body best assimilates vitamin C. The maximum daily dose is 500 mg of acerola, Corresponds to approximately 120 mg of natural vitamin C, “reveals Emmanuelle Perrin.
Sleeping in a cool room
A well-rested organism struggles better against external aggressions. To avoid getting sick: keep a cool inside air. “Do not overheat and ventilate your home for at least 5 or 10 minutes a day, even when it’s cold,” reminds Emmanuelle Perrin. The trick of the naturopath: “Diffuse essential oils of eucalyptus to clean the air, but not to saturate the air in molecules, do not diffuse them for more than 30 minutes on average”, explains Emmanuelle Perrin. Attention: If you are diffusing essential oils in the room, ventilate the room generously before re-entering it for the night.

Drink enough water daily to replenish energy
It’s not because it’s colder in winter that less water is needed than in summer! To avoid getting sick: drink between one liter and one and a half liters of water a day. Good to know: “Only pure water really rehydrates the tissues and muscles, even if the infusions are interesting for the active ingredients they contain,” says the naturopath. If you drink bottled water: Prefer the water that contains the lowest residue weight to dryness. “For if you absorb water overloaded with minerals, the kidneys have to eliminate this excess, get tired and draw energy from the body,” laments Emmanuelle Perrin. For the followers of herbal teas: opt for infusions of thyme, good anti-infectious, supplemented with mauve, poppy or calendula. “These plants have emollient properties, that is to say they soothe and relax the tissues,” explains the naturopath. “You can slide a spoonful of honey, which potentiates the effects of herbal teas,” she adds. And in the morning? Choose infusions of mint or eucalyptus.


Even in winter, we do sports!
To stay fit and not get sick, it is important to practice regular physical activity throughout the year. The council of the naturopath: “In the autumn, one organizes good walks in the forest for example to breathe a good healthy air. Whether to go for mushrooms or to pick up chestnuts, it is in season and it allows to Stay connected to nature! “, Reveals Emmanuelle Perrin. Good to know: “Practicing a sport releases endorphins in the brain, a neurotransmitter linked to well-being,” explains the naturopath. “Once a week, we put on yoga, qi gong or sunmudo, practices based on breathing that combine body movement and connection to the present moment to maintain a good vital hygiene,” she advises . “At the same time, these activities make it possible to untangle the emotional sphere, which is at the origin of most of our ills. It can also be rebalanced by flower elixirs (Bach, Deva, Florénergie range without alcohol) She finally said.

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