300 Year old Saint Santa Inocencia Open Eyes In Front Of Tourists

This is the terrifying moment the corpse of a child saint who died 300 years ago appears to suddenly open her eyes at Cathedral of Guadalajara in Jalisco in Mexico, where the preserved remains of Santa Inocencia (St Innocence) a little girl are encased in glass. Moment long-dead corpse of child saint Santa Inocencia opens its eyes. Moment long dead corpse of child saint Santa Inocencia opens its eyes. 300 years old corpse opens eyes.There are many different stories about how the girl met her early demise. The most popular version is many years ago, a girl named Inocencia listened attentively to their classmates from school, talked about their first communion; this was a dream for her because she wanted to received the body of Christ. One day she arrived very happy to her house, and said to her father that she wanted to do her first communion; this started to hit her in an inhumane manner forbidding her, to approach the people who wanted to convince her to do “such nonsense”She ran to her room and set to cry over the bed, trying to understand why the negative of her father.

How she needed the warm arms of her deceased mother! The sing of the roosters woke her; she washed her face and went to school. When she came back, she heard the praying, and singing of children coming out from an open window of a house. She came over and she started to hear that they were studying the catechism. She sat on a stone and wrote and repeated the sayings of the text. From there forward, always hiding started to study and learn what they said.One day the nun that gave the catechism found odd to hear prayers, and singing outside the place. Big was her surprise, when she found the girl kneeling over the moss praying. Moved by that, she invited her to take the classes inside of the house. On the pass of the time the children were ready to take the Eucharist. Inocencia was undecided about reporting to his father, or not to take the holly sacrament; she told the nun about her misfortune, the sister answering: “Better to have the good as ally, than the evil”[via]

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