Brad Pitt blew up, Angelina Jolie answers.

Brad Pitt blew up, Angelina Jolie answers.
Now that Brad Pitt has been laundered by social services, negotiations about custody of his children can continue.
Angelina Jolie did not take a long time to offer a response after it was revealed that no charges would be withheld or filed against Brad Pitt in the case of verbal and physical abuse alleged against the actor.

“Angelina has said from the beginning that she felt she needed to take action for the health of her family, and is relieved that after eight weeks of involvement, the DCFS is now satisfied with the Will allow the children to recover, “reads a statement sent to TMZ.

Now that Brad Pitt is cleared, it seems clear that the 52-year-old actor will try to get a shared custody of his six children.

A pre-agreement with supervisory visits to the World War Z star had been signed, and it should not last long.

Angelina Jolie could however oppose a full shared custody, while sources allege that the actress still feels a “risk” for the children regarding her ex-lover.

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