Dorothy, at the age of 77, married a 21-year-old Tunisian boy

‘I Married The Waiter: Love In The Sun’ tells the stories of British women of all ages and backgrounds, who went on a holiday in the sun, only to fall in love with a foreign man.

The film features a range of genuine love stories of varying emotions and with different, sometimes surprising, outcomes. Anne, Dawn and Jean fell in love, at different times, with Greek men who all lived on the island of Symi. Maddison, Fleur and Ruth all fell in love with Turkish men. Dorothy, at the age of 77, married a 21-year-old Tunisian boy. Some of these marriages endure to this day. Others, for various reasons, didn’t last the course, but none of the women have any regrets.[via]

Toy boy: why do they prefer older women?

The trend is unlike age: youngsters who seduce older women no longer represent exceptional cases. And if these relations have existed for a long time, today, they are increasingly democratized through people, TV series … Indeed, today toys boys and cougars have the wind in their sails but why Are these young men attracted to women of the age of their mother?

What is a toy boy?

The toy boy, literally man toy, is a man in the age group of 18/25 years looking for relationships with older women than him. In this type of relationship, he finds everything he needs to live good times, feel good and thus flourish. A sexual adventure without a future, a temporary or long-term relationship, the toy boy often likes to be pampered, or even to be cared for by his partner cougar. When Monsieur toy boy brings his youth and his freshness, madame cougar makes speak his experience and all his knowledge. There are some famous toys boys in France and abroad, such as Ashton Kutcher (with Demi Moore), Arnaud Lemaire (with Claire Chazal), David Arquette (with Courteney Cox), Nick Cannon Mariah Carey) … and many others.

Attractiveness for mature women and freedom

Why do some men in their twenties love to seduce older women, and what attracts them to their homes? The reasons are many … First of all, many of these young men do not want to get into a serious relationship, they want to be free and do not think about marriage, buying a house and babies for the ” Time. That is why women cougars seem particularly attractive to them. Indeed, many of them do not want to take a lead with a companion and just wish to share moments of passion and complicity.

Attractiveness for mature women and their experience

Another reason is that the toy boy may like to be mothered by a woman: in search of a new maternal figure, this is not the question, for the explanations could be quite complex. In any case, toys boys like to feel protected, pampered and even guided by a woman. In this sense, the older woman is a very good solution because, thanks to her experience and years of experience, she can learn many things, on many pictures, to her young child. She knows how to be reassuring, but also daring, and that, the toy boy, it pleases him. Also, more mature women may be more cultivated and more interesting in daily discussions than some young women.

Physical attraction for mature women

Another reason is purely physical because men are physically attracted to older women whom they find sexier, more seductive, more exciting, more charming and more mysterious than some young women of their age who are more used to sweet / basketball or Others who do too much and fall into vulgarity.

Attractiveness for mature women and associated comfort

Finally, other young men are also a little venal and like to enjoy the comfortable life that some cougars can have … Restaurants, house with swimming pool, weekend on the coast, gifts … it changes the end of the difficult months that the students Of 20 years. So when you have no scruples about living on someone’s hooks, or even financially dependent on a woman, it’s good to be a toy boy!

Toy boy and woman cougar: everyone finds his account

In toy boy / cougar relationships, the two people find what they need. On the one hand, the young man satisfies his search for experience, maturity, authority and sometimes even money and power. On the other hand, the mature woman lives a second youth and allows itself to seduce again. In short, why deprive yourself when the two generations find their account!

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