Fan of Ghost in The Shell? The first trailer is … surprising!

Will the US remake of the Japanese animate be up to? We are afraid but we pray!

When we learned that the Hollywood studios were going to do a remake in live-action (with real actors) of the mythical animated Ghost in The Shell, we almost cried. When we heard that it was Scarlett Johansson who was going to play the main role, we vomited outright. And when we saw the first images of the filming, we hesitated to resign from life … But we did well not to do it.

Because the first trailer of this film expected for March 29, 2017 in France is … surprising! Some say mesmerizing, others sexy, others still find it successful. What about us? We really do not know what to say about these 2 intriguing minutes that do not say much. But it does not look horrible.

The first long trailer of the movie Ghost in The Shell

This film by Rupert Sanders will be as successful as the legendary Japanese cartoon of Mamoru Oshii released in 1995. To refresh your ideas (or to satisfy the curiosity of the youngest), here is the synopsis of the animated Time:

In a futuristic Japan governed by the Internet, Major Motoko Kusunagi, an ultra-sophisticated cyborg woman, is haunted by ontological questions. It belongs, in spite of herself, to a muscular cyber-police equipped with virtually unlimited means to fight computer crime.

The day when her section finds the trace of Puppet Master, a mysterious and legendary hacker whose identity remains totally unknown, the young woman takes the lead in penetrating the body of it and analyzing the ghost ( The indefinable element of consciousness, related to the soul) in the hope of finding answers to its own existential questions …

Source photo : DR

Source photo : DR

Will the 2017 version be a remake (faithful), or rather a tribute?

We are a little afraid of the result, but for now, we trust the teams of the film, hoping that they do not lay a dung of the level of Dragonball Evolution, which had killed the work of Akira Toriyama for several generations …

And you, what do you think of this trailer (obviously, those who have not seen the 1995 version can not answer with all the cards in hand)?

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