Giant sphere discovered in Bosnia


So what is this mysterious rocky sphere buried in the ground? The archaeologist Semir Osmanagich made this strange discovery in a forest of Zavidovici in Bosnia. According to the observations carried out, the weight of the structure is estimated to be close to 30 tonnes. On the dimensions, its radius would be between 1.2 and 1.5 meters.

According to this archaeologist, this rock is not natural but shaped by the hand of man. He also adds that the sphere contains a large metal content. For Semir Osmanagich, this discovery would be proof of the existence of a very advanced civilization present on the territory 1,500 years ago. A civilization with a technology different from ours whose archaeologists would not have found any written record …

This theory, however, is far from convincing all specialists. According to Mandy Edwards of the Scool of Earth, Atmosphere and Environmental Sciences of the University of Manchester, the object would have formed naturally through the union of several chemical bodies solidifying together: a phenomenon called concretion. Erosion could then have improved the form.


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