Mercedes launches its pick-up, the X-Class

Rop long distant market, more than carrier, pick-up, Mercedes finally reveals his future gear for gentleman-farmer, under the guise of a concept.But beware, if the Class X, receives some elements of style a little too design to make the show, the version of series will indeed resemble the concept X-Class.


Alliances are good. As proof, after the Renault Alaskan, Mercedes-Benz – which owns 3% of the Renault / Nissan alliance – will benefit from the platform of the Nissan NP 300, better known by us as Navara, for Finally offer a luxury pick-up.

During the press conference, the executives strove to convince us that their Mercedes X-Class standard would be the most Premium pick-up ever produced. And when one sees his style “all Mercedes” that conjugates curved lines and straight lines, one can definitely say that they seem to have succeeded their bet.

Especially when you bend into the passenger compartment. He also takes the features of the sedans to the star. More plush and better assembled than any other pick-up in the market, it should make a difference.

The question remains what will hide under the engine hood. For technical reasons, one should find the Nissan diesel engine – that is to say a large 2.3-liter turbocharged 190-horsepower – but hopefully much better, because the concept is announced with a V6 diesel Associated with 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive. Strong in torque, the engine guarantees a high dynamism on asphalt and off-road. The all-wheel drive combines an electronic traction system, an all-terrain reduction transmission and two differential locks. The traction control system and the electrically interlocking differential locks drive the driving force where adhesion is optimal. In extreme off-road conditions, the rear differential and the inter-axle differential can be locked, allowing the vehicle to overcome major obstacles and ribs safely. Finally, why not dream of an AMG version, a Mercedes-AMG X 43 AMG of 367 horses.

mercedes-classe-x-6 mercedes-benz-concept-x-class-interieur 1477557584905 mercedes-benz-x-class-2016-03 1477424490_829_mercedes-x-class-concept-the-luxurious-pick-up-of-mercedes s0-presentation-mercedes-x-class-concept-le-pick-up-du-patron-389642 mercedes-x-class-concept-the-luxurious-pick-up-of-mercedes 1477557584785

Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS stylish explorer – Exterieur, Weißmetallic ; Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS stylish explorer – Exterior, White metallic;

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