People with blue eyes have ALL this thing in common …

You may be surprised to see what you have in common

You have the same blue eyes as your neighbor on the bus? You may be from the same family. Certainly, it is not the nearest cousin, but all the same!

Indeed, all people with blue eyes would be descended from the same human being who lived in Europe six to ten thousand years ago, the first who would have developed this genetic mutation.

Normally, we should all have brown eyes

Normally, we should all have brown eyes. The beautiful blue ocean look you know, especially in the blondest, is actually a genetic mutation.

A certain discomfort, called OCA2, allows the production (more or less important) of pigments thus giving the brown color to our eyes. These quantitative variations, according to the people, allow different shades of browns.

For blue eyes, that’s another story. For many years, scientists have sought the source of blue eyes on the OCA2 gene: unsuccessfully. But more recently, the mutation of a distinct neighboring gene called HERC2 would have been identified as the cause of blue eyes. This alteration would “cancel” the effects of the OCA2 gene, which determines the amount of brown melanin produced in your iris.


Every person with blue eyes living today possesses the same mutation. This is a pretty convincing proof that each person would be a descendant of one and the same being and that therefore they would share a common ancestor.

To date, the identity of the first person who has undergone this mutation remains a mystery. However, thanks to genetic analysis, it was possible to know the initial color of the eyes of a 7000-year-old skeleton found in northern Spain.

Who knows ? One day, we may discover who was the first man with blue eyes …

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