Telepathy: testimony of a woman

This story is amazing and lets us think that sometimes the mind is much stronger than the physical body. Here is the truthful testimony of a person who has witnessed incredible events over many days:

Fourteen years earlier, this woman had great concerns with her in-laws. Very attached to the grandmother of her husband, hosted by her parents-in-law, she rarely saw her because of family disputes. One Monday evening, her mother-in-law calls the house and proposes to them both to join the grandmother’s birthday the following Sunday. The husband, conscious of the current tensions, then replies to his mother that he will agree to go there but that his wife will not be present.

Unexplained blows and noises

That evening, the woman and her husband were quietly watching a movie when they heard small shots in the window behind them. Thinking that they were their neighbors, they approached the window, opened it, but saw absolutely nothing. No sooner had they sat down again on the couch than the light shots resumed but still no one …

The next day, the woman took her car to go shopping. Upon her return, after unlocking the doors, she climbed into the vehicle and was very surprised to see that the car radio was still on and the volume was very high.

The following evening, the blows resumed but this time, very violently: the couple was terrified. The next morning the woman had to resume her vehicle. After parking, she made sure the radio was turned off and the doors were locked. When she came back, once again, the radio was at maximum volume, the doors still closed, and the cassette player was literally destroyed.

As on previous evenings, the blows resumed but Friday was the most unbearable moment: someone seemed to want to destroy the front door and as soon as the couple rushed, everything stopped. For the first time, the sounds continued for a long time during the night, and they could not close their eyes, terrorized.

A phenomenon of telepathy?

On Saturday morning, the woman not wishing to remain alone at home asked her husband to contact her in-laws to warn them that she will eventually be present at the grandmother’s birthday. On Saturday evening, no sound was heard in the house. On Sunday, the couple went to the grandmother’s birthday. The latter was extremely happy to see the woman and hugged her in tears, crying “you came, you came, you came.” The grandmother never left the woman’s eyes until about 1 pm, when she fell asleep forever, sitting in her chair.

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