The Chupacabra


Chupacabra (“Goat Sucker”) is a creature that is described by witnesses as having red eyes, two holes for the nostrils, a mouth with protruding fangs up and down and would be covered with black hairs. It resembles, according to some, a bat or the alleged extraterrestrial of the Roswell Affair. It is part of popular culture throughout Latin America, especially in Mexico and on the island of Puerto Rico. The animal would feed by sucking blood from farm animals such as goats or cows by making perfectly circular holes in the neck until the cerebellum kills the animal.

The legend of Chupacabra began around 1992, when Puerto Rican newspapers El Vocero and El Nuevo Dia began to report the deaths of several types of animals, such as birds, horses and, as the name suggests The creature, goats. At this time, the Chupacabra is known as El Vampiro de Moca since the first victims are found in the small town of Moca. At the beginning, members of a satanic cult are believed to have committed these random killings, but then the killings spread around the island, and several farms report the loss of animal lives. The carcasses all have one thing in common: every found animal has a hole in the neck and has emptied a large part of its blood – also sometimes part of its internal organs.

The term Chupacabra is supposedly invented by a Puerto Rican personality, Silverio Pérez, who uses this name as a joke, but the word is also used in 1990 in the novel by Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park, which appears before the legend. Shortly after the animal deaths in Puerto Rico, other carcasses were discovered in other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Brazil, the United States and especially Mexico. In Puerto Rico and Mexico City, the Chupacabra becomes an urban legend. In Martinique a similar legend is attributed to the lentikri, devilish beast sucking the blood of animals in the evening. Chupacabras stories are beginning to appear several times in television news in the United States, and derivatives such as t-shirts and baseball caps are on sale. Chupacabra is considered by Mexicans to be the product of a collective , while others believe it is a poor explanation for animal deaths resulting from attacks of unknown origin. The last appearance took place in Portugal and was documented by a photo taken by a surveillance camera!

Scientific studies

From February 10 to 17, 1996, an expedition was organized in Puerto Rico to try to locate and capture Chupacabras and, above all, to clarify all the stories that relate to each other and are rather science fiction. The team consisted of 13 ufologists and a Scottish journalist from Glascow Herald. The first days of research consisted in gathering as much information from the natives as possible. In the vicinity of Lake Cathagena, witnesses testified that they saw flying craft entering or leaving the lake. A dive revealed nothing suspicious. On the beach Combate, witnesses claimed to have seen a dimensional door open and Chupacabras come out. The only surprising thing about this beach was to discover a large, very magnetic rock. Close to the beach, the team met a family whose pregnant wife claimed to wait for a child of an alien who had materialized on the beach at the dimensional door. Landing circles were observed in a contiguous perimeter. After a few days, the expedition finally met with direct witnesses of Chupacabras and the places where they had been seen. Hours of observation gave nothing. A woman was interrogated, for she had declared that she had fallen face to face with a Chupacabra, and had given her a great blow with a machete. The scientists, unbelieving, listened to her version until she declared that she had preserved the piece she had carved on the beast. It was a large piece of leather covered with a few hairs. Samples were taken and immediately sent to a laboratory for analysis. When the attempt was made to recontact the lady, she had disappeared as well as all her furniture and business … To sum up, this expedition found nothing, listened to testimonies more or less abracadabrants but returned empty-handed .

Some Testimonials

In 1970, in the valley of the Rio Grande, in the USA, an entire herd is decimated. All the animals were emptied of their blood. In Brownsville, Texas, an ox was also found to be “vampirized”. In 1994, in Puerto Rico, hearing a noise under their bed, a couple discovers four little Chupacabras, whom they hunt with broom. In 1995, in Orocovis (Puerto Rico), eight sheep were found dead, as in all cases their blood was absorbed, and a few kilometers away, at Canovanas, nearly 150 animals were found dead. On November 19, a whole district will undergo the attacks of one or more Chupacabras. Dogs, cats and other domestic animals will be killed. A Chupacabra even crossed a window to attack … a teddy bear that he destroyed before escaping. A resident saw a kind of animal from the family of monkeys in the afternoon behind his home, brushing the hair of his dogs, but he said: “It was not exactly a monkey. He was running like a monkey and he was about 4 feet tall and I did not see a tail. ” On December 7, near Guanica, Puerto Rico, died of chickens and cows, emptied of their blood. On December 14, 1995, Naguabo, on the east coast, several caged rabbits were found dead with holes in the back of the neck without a drop of blood. Other rabbits have disappeared. Behind one of the cages were traces of footsteps with three fingers. On 15 December 1995, in one year, the Chupacabra was responsible for 1000 deaths of animals: goats, cows, chickens, and other animals. There were several witnesses. The size of the creature described is 4 to 6 feet high with a weird gait with “alien” type eyes. On December 21, 1995, in Guanica, Puerto Rico, Mr. Osvaldo Claudio Rosado, 44, was busy washing his car when he was grabbed from behind. In trying to get rid of the intruder, he saw a 5-foot black-haired gorilla escape. Rosado was cut on the abdomen, probably by claws, say doctors. At Klamath Falls a cow died with the ears pulled out, the tongue removed, four teeth pulled out, and on the other black circles were found on their surface. The vagina and rectum were removed. No trace of blood was found on the premises. On March 19, 1996, Jose Pellot, hearing his father’s dog howling, crosses the path of a Chupacabra. The creature stared at him, straightening up on his hind legs, screaming loudly before running away. The young man, terrified, could not move. The dog was found dead.

Miami Vice

On March 21, 1996, the Miami police arrived at the scene of a terrible crime: 69 victims in the same neighborhood; Not a single wounded human being, but dogs, cats, goats, geese, and ducks massacred, mutilated, murdered, emptied of their blood. The police quickly suspect a wild dog, but in this “latino” neighborhood, we are already talking about a Chupacabra.

Since July 25, 1997, twelve testimonies mention Chupacabras in Brazil. In the same night, hundreds of animals (livestock, domestic animals, poultry) in different farms are found dead, carrying the characteristic marks of Chupacabra. At the same time, people began to hear about Chupacabra in Guatemala.

The Chupacabra and the UFO

For a large part of the Puerto Ricans, one can not capture the Chupacabras because they would move by means of UFO. On April 30, 1996, Miguel and Maria Rodriguez saw a luminous object appearing landing in the forest adjoining their farm and leaving a few minutes later. All their hens were found dead. Other hypotheses suggest that these animals hibernate and move on the island of Porto Ricoh through a network of underground galleries.

Chupacabra feels the suffer

A journalist wrote in 1996 that the Chupacabra could be an infernal and demonic beast, mentioned in the Book of Revelations. According to him, some testimonies mentioned an “odor of suffering” during attacks by these creatures.

The Chupacabra was created by Man

Other theory: The Chupacabra would result from genetic manipulations made by the army and animals would have escaped and then reproduced. We also talk about genetic manufacturing, but to test the Puerto Ricans in the face of a crisis situation.

The Scoop: the American Army and the Chupacabra

On 10 November 1996 a former US Army officer revealed to Puerto Rican journalists that there was a link between the Chupacabra and the Roswell case. This officer, aged 70, worked for the American secret services, a high level of accreditation and a high degree of security. He confirmed that the Chupacabras could not attack humans, much less children. The fear that existed on the island was to disappear. In 1985, he was posted to Fort Still, Oklahoma, and had to ensure the safety and confidentiality of an unidentified flying craft from Roswell base in New Mexico. This craft had crashed next to Wichita Falls. The creatures, the Chupacabras, were in this aircraft, in cages. In order to study them, they had to be released in an environment where they could find food in abundance, but they should not be able to escape. An island was the best solution for safety and Puerto Rico, by its breeding, was an ideal point of fall that could provide for their food needs.

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