The most expensive precious metals in the world

When one talks about the most expensive metals, one immediately thinks of gold and silver. However, there are other metals which are more expensive than the latter, but which are little known. Generally, metals in advanced industries have a very high market value.

1. Californium

Until now, californium is the most expensive metal in the world. One gram of this metal is estimated at about 9.5 million euros. This cosmic level price is due to the complexity of its manufacturing process. A tiny amount of this metal can produce three times more energy than an ordinary nuclear reactor.

2. The Osmium

The second place is attributed to osmium, a metal exploited in the scientific field including medicine, nuclear weapons production and the aeronautics industry. The price of this metal is about € 195,000 per gram.

3. Plutonium

This radioactive metal is mainly used in nuclear power plants. The field of military armaments also uses it for the production of weapons of mass destruction. Its handling must be carried out by specialized engineers because of the strong radiation it emits. One gram of plutonium costs about 2902 €.

4. The scadium

Scandium is ranked 4th in our ranking. This very light and soft gray-white metal is classified as “rare earth”. It is found mainly in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China and Russia and stands out for its strong recrystallizing power. The gram costs about 126 € provided that the metal is 99% pure.

5. Platinum

This precious metal is known to all jewelry lovers. It is silver-white and outside the field of jewelery, it is also operated in the automotive industry because of its elegance, but especially its great resistance. The gram is valued at around € 42.1 on the world market.

6. Iridium

This silver-white metal has the same appearance as platinum, except that it is a little more yellowish. It has the distinction of being heavy, hard and brittle. It is mainly used as a curing agent in platinum alloy. This metal used in the automotive industry costs about 42.1 € per gram.

7. The Gold

Gold is the most valuable precious metal in the world of jewelery. Given that its price in the market is constantly increasing, many are rushing to the silver jewelry. The gold plated also became trendy due to soaring price of this metal. Note that one gram of gold is currently valued at about 41.2 €.

8. Rhodium

This particularly rare metal is little known since it was discovered only recently. It is one of the precious metals in the same way as platinum, gold or silver. Rhodium is found mostly in Africa and it is the southern part of this continent that brings together the largest number of deposits. This metal very exploited in the automotive industry is valued at 31 € per gram.

9. Palladium

Palladium has the same characteristics of the platinum. Thus, it is difficult to distinguish the two metals with the naked eye. It is the most exploited metal in the composition of white gold. One gram of this metal costs about 15 € on the world market.

10. The Silver

The 10th place returns to silver, the most used metal in jewelery after gold. It combines elegance and finesse and its price is accessible to many jewelry enthusiasts. This metal can be associated with gold to obtain the vermeil, an alloy also exploited in the world of jewelry. The ounce of agent (a value between 24 and 33 g) costs about 17 dollars.

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