This is the time we have left to live on Earth, according to Stephen Hawking

Are human beings at the end of their cycle of existence on Earth?

According to the famous Stephen Hawking, Humanity will not suffer for long. We would not have much time to live, at least on planet Earth. Grim is not it? Especially when it’s a guy who specializes in the universe who tells us that.
On November 14, during a debate at the Oxford Union Society, Stephen Hawking solemnly declared (with his electronic voice):

I do not think we will survive another 1000 years if we do not escape from our fragile planet.

Flippant, the guy. Basically, he bets on our survival ONLY CONDITION that we leave our planet! Indeed, he is convinced that global warming, overpopulation and the way we produce and consume our food will not allow us to live forever on this poor planet that is being slowly destroyed.

It is also a good technique to promote the different space programs. Moreover, he clearly added:

We must continue to go into space for the future of humanity. Remember to look in the air, towards the stars, and not down towards your feet. Try to understand what you see, to discover what makes the universe exist. Be curious. Even though life may seem complicated, there is always something you can do and you can succeed. What matters is that you do not give up.

Stephen Hawking is a great optimist and he often intervenes to make the connection between our present life and our near future, on Earth and in the Universe.

We will have to adapt, rethink, re-focus and modify our fundamental assumptions about how we define wealth, possession. As children, we will have to learn to share, has already written the physicist.

The guy is against isolation, against individualism, against the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few? Hawking’s political program is much more interesting than most of today’s politicians!

Hawking President!

The only trick we can ask ourselves with Hawking’s theory is … if we were stupid enough to destroy our current place of life, would not we do exactly the same thing On a new planet? We will have to evolve a little, and fast!

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