Top 10 Most Expensive Foods in the World!

Probably some obsessions or culinary preferences pushed to extravagance cause excessive expenditure.

Below are a top ten of the most bizarre, outrageous and expensive foods in the world. We made the list, we will allow you to decide whether it is worth it to pay or not for themselves. Compare with what you have!

1. Matsutake mushrooms (or pine mushroom) – $ 2,000 / kg. These mushrooms, called kings of mushrooms, are very expensive and very sought after because they have an annual production of less than a thousand tons. They have a unique fragrance and flavor that is transmitted to foods of the same dish when they are with.

2. The most expensive bagel in the world – $ 1000. This bagel, created by chef Frank Tujague at the Westin Hotel in New York, is covered with cream cheese and goji berries infused with white truffle and Riesling gold leaf jelly.

3. The most expensive omelet in the world – “The Zillion Dollar Frittata” – $ 1,000. This show omelette has eggs in the composition, lobster and 10 grams of sturgeon caviar.

4. Wagu Steak – $ 2800 per kg. This meat is obtained from Wagyu cattle, which is supposed to be fed only with beer and hand-massaged. This breed comes only from the Hyogo region of Japan and the recipe for preparing meat, as well as breeding are secrets that are carried out according to a tradition dating back thousands of years.

5. The most expensive lobster curry in the world – Samundari Khazana (“treasure seafood”) – $ 3,200. It is prepared from Devon (crab), white truffles, caviar, gold leaf, a Scottish lobster wrapped in gold and four quail eggs.

6. Pizza Corolla of Domenico – 4200 dollars. A 30 cm baked pizza with some of the most expensive ingredients in the world, including lobster marinated in cognac, caviar soaked in champagne, Scottish smoked salmon, deer medallions, prosciutto, white truffle and balsamic vinegar.

7. Densuke Watermelon – $ 6,100. In Japan, watermelons are considered a rare fruit. Densuke grows only in northern Japan, Hokkaido and are particularly gifted because of the hidden value once peeled. Densuke watermelons are black, with a milder crust a bit rough (like an agriculture association). Their price is justified by the annual harvest that brings together around 10,000 of these melons, although there is an annual harvest of 650 melons in the statistics.

8. Yubari Melon: 23,900 Dollars – cultivated in the Yubari region of Japan, known for its fertile volcanic soils, these melons are considered the sweetest and most succulent fruits. The Yubari melons are hand picked and sent to a Japanese agriculture association for the purpose of receiving notes and can then be sent for sale. In 2008, two of these melons were sold for $ 23,900.

9. Almas Caviar: $ 25,000, the Almas caviar comes from Iran and is produced in port. In Europe, you can find them at Caviar House & Prunier and at Picadilly in London which sells a gold-plated box at a price of $ 25,000 per kilogram. Almas is a name in Persian which means that the diamond, and eggs are collected from a female sturgeon that has a limited production.

10. White Italian truffles from Alba: $ 107,000 per kg. Here is a rare new product: Italian white truffles from Alba. “Associated Press” reported that a Hong Kong real estate investor and his wife paid about $ 160,000 for 1, 5 kg.

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